Day 26- 8 Year Anniversary

Today, Stacey and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary. Mr. Photogenic (Spencer) had to get in the pic.

Day 25- 3 Shots & Still Feeling Good

Today we had to take Connor and Spencer to the doctor for some checkups. Connor had to have 4 shots. Spencer had 3. Connor didn’t cry but was pitiful afterwards. He said “I can’t run fast anymore. My legs hurt.” I told him that I would get him some chicken nuggets and a milk shake for being so tough. I handed him the straw for the shake for him to open (He gets very upset if he doesn’t get to take the paper off). He handed it back to me and told me that he couldn’t do it because his knees were hurting. He also couldn’t hold his food on his lap because his knees were hurting too. Spencer whimpered a little during the shots but that was all.

Day 24- Ready for the Circus

Connor got this at the circus last year. He hasn’t touched it all year but started playing with it a good bit the past couple of days. The circus is this week!

Day 23- Fun at the Mall

Tonight we went to the mall to get the kids some clothes (both of them had late season growth spurts but thats another story). I told Connor that he could ride the carousel if he ate a couple more chicken nuggets. After he ate what I felt was enough we walked over to the carousel entrance. They had a large sign in front of it saying that they close at 8:00 pm. I looked at my watch and it was 8:02 and the last ride of the evening was taking place. I asked the girl operating the carousel and she said that they were indeed closed. I felt terrible. Connor was devastated. I looked over at the mall customer service and a lady was watching us. I hung around for a minute or two and a couple of guys walked up with their own toddlers. They asked the operator and she told them that they were finished for the evening. They started to walk away and I told them to wait up. I told them to look pitiful because the lady behind the customer service desk was watching carefully. Sure enough, she went and talked to the operator. After a minute the customer service lady told us that they would let us go on. I just thought to myself, “Wow, we really dodged one.” Long story short… we had a great time on that 2 minute ride. ~Adam

Day 22- Ready for bed.